Ever notice the problem with most workshops? You sit and listen, maybe take a few notes, get inspired, and then go home and nothing changes. Once you're home, you're putting out fires and you never get to take advantage of your new knowledge.


Not with this workshop! Not only will you work at this workshop, you'll leave with an action plan that starts the day you get home. If you can spend 1/2 hour per day following your action plan, we guarantee you'll be photographing schools.


You'll create samples to show schools, implement an action plan and leave with a brand new business in place. You'll learn how to identify the best schools, how to speak to principals, how to take pictures of students that parents want to buy, how to manage photo day, how to match the images to the right student, how to prepare the yearbook CD, and how to discuss commissions so that you don't give your profits away. Basically, everything you'll need to hit the ground running!

Many photographers don't realize that student portraits if done well, are a recurring annuity that repeats multiple times per year, every year. Unlike other forms of photography that once done, have to be replaced and regenerated every year, student portraits provide a solid and predictable financial foundation for a studio.


School photography is broken! Parents are tired of the national companies tired approach to photography. Bad pictures with bad service is not going to work any longer. This creates a tremendous opportunity for local photographers to take great pictures that parents want to buy. We have proven that if you take beautiful photographs (more than one per student) and give parents choices, they'll buy. Then you can cherry pick the best and most profitable schools. You don't want to photograph all of the schools in your town, just the right schools. We'll show you how to identify and sell to them. 


We used to photograph hundreds of weddings per year but now, all wedding photographers are constantly cutting their prices and are in a race to the bottom. We have replaced the volume of those weddings with school photography and our business is now growing again. We'll show you how you can do this too.